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EJR Beads Customers' Gallery

A gallery of work by EJR Beads customers. These pieces either feature my art beads or have been made following my projects. Aren't they all fantastic! If you have artwork you would like featured here, please email me.

Many of the artists and designers featured on these pages also sell their work. So if you are looking for a unique gift or something special for yourself, why not take a look at their websites and see what these self-representing artists have to offer. You will be sure to end up with something truly original and made with love. Can the shops on the high street offer that...? Nah, can they 'eck as like!

Please remember the work shown here is the copyright of the individual designers - copying is not big and its not clever. These days it is also considered unethical to sell work made from published projects, so if in doubt please just contact the designer and ask.


*** Having trouble finding some of my beads for sale? Why not check out my auctions, my Etsy store or  join my mailing list ***



Jean Yates


Shimmer Rose Bracelet by Jean Yates


 These gorgeous charm bracelets are a signature piece for American artist / writer, Jean Yates.  So you can imagine how flattered I am that she chooses to use my polymer clay art beads as focals for them. Jean has a knack of picking just the right accent beads to team with the bracelets too.

 This bracelet is called Shimmer Rose. The focal art beads are from my Illuminare series of polymer clay art beads. This piece was chosen for an advert for Fire Mountain Gems!

 Roses in the Sky -  Bracelet by Jean Yates





This bracelet is titled Roses in the Sky. I think Jean has surpassed herself here - I just love it! I always felt that this particular set of my Polymer clay beads had the look of heavily matrixed marble. So Jean's choice of alabaster-like milky pink flowers works so well with them. This bracelet makes me think of cool, carved stone so the peppering of pearls just finishes the beads off beautifully. 



Pool Earrings by Jean Yates  

     You can visit Jean's website here . You can also find selected items by Jean on eBay if you are lucky. Check out her ID jean_51 or click here to see her latest auctions.

And finally - just to show Jean doesn't only use my polymer beads, here are her beautiful Pool earrings using some of my lampwork glass beads.

  Look closely and you will notice these beads are co-ordinating but not identical. I have to admit I just ADORE asymmetry in earrings. I never did understand why things should match. Especially when it comes to ears. (I guess this is why I wear 9 earrings in one ear and only 1 in the other!) Jewellery is a lot more fun when you throw away the rule book.




Lindsay Philipson

lampwork glass bead jewellery by lindsay philipson

Lindsay has only been making jewellery for 3 years believe it or not!

However, she has a long history of crafts & making, dabbling in everything from drawing and painting to clothes making and holds a City & Guilds certificate in Fashion and Design.

After watching her mother make jewellery by upcycling old vintage beads, I would say it was inevitable that Lindsay would also turn to beading. And that when she did, she would turn out to be a rather fine jewellery maker herself!

I asked Lindsay how she got started on her own jewellery making journey.

"I wanted something to match my outfit for my daughter's wedding. I'd bought a beaded watch at a craft fair and thought I could do that myself " Lindsay recalls

"So, I cut up some of mums beads and re-threaded them with help from a book. Then the obsession began! I made gifts for friends and family, took some into work and sold them for Red Nose Day. I had a jewellery party at home, then my friends and neighbours offered - together we have raised over 1500 for various charities over the last two years!"

lampwork bead earrings  Lindsay plans to branch out further into the world of selling. She has set up her business, Violet, named after her granddaughter and hopes to soon have her website and facebook page up and running.

Of course, I couldn't resist asking Lindsay what she enjoys about artist made beads and lampwork in particular!

"What draws me to artist made beads is the sheer artistry! Yours were the first I bought and I was just astounded by the beauty of them - they are like mini works of art. The colours appeal to me most and I love matching the colours up with crystals and other beads which bring out and enhance the vibrancy of the glass.
I am drawn to lilac,  purple, blue, aqua and green and I often use a sea theme in my designs, but I just like to start with a beautiful bead or beads and take it from there. "

Well Lindsay, I would say thank you very much for your kind compliment and whatever it is you are doing  - keep doing it, because you are creating some beautiful pieces of jewellery!



Lesley Olley

 lampwork bead jewellery

Lesley Olley made these beautiful bracelets using my Lampwork beads.

Lesley has been making jewellery since she was a teenager. Although her jewellery-making was entirely self-taught, Lesley has recently been attending silversmithing classes to increase her skills even further.

With designs that are streamlined and simple yet elegant, Lesley enjoys teaming artist-made beads with other top quality materials including sterling silver and crystal components. When selecting art beads for her designs, Lesley tells me she looks for evidence of the creative process from the beadmaker, preferring to "really see that someone has developed and honed a technique. I tend to go for artists who have quite a defined style or styles."  lampwork and sterling bead jewellery

 In the future, Lesley hopes to also offer her pieces in gold as well as silver. Although, like many designer-makers, she tells me that may well have to wait until global metal prices have stabilised a little!

Lesley sells her work in person at private sales, craft fairs and charity events, and also through her website




Lynn Davy


Lynn Davy Bananas NecklaceLynn is a beader of long standing, passionate about seed beads. If you don't believe me, check out the fabulous work on her website, Lynn Davy Beading.

In this piece, affectionately referred to as Bananas, Lynn has combined her beading skills with a set of my Lampwork Nemo beads. The result is a stylish neckpiece that is truly one of a kind. I am still not sure if this piece is called Bananas because of the colour palette or simply because the lampwork beads were such a challenge Lynn started to go bananas working with them!

It is not easy to combine tiny seed beads with larger focals yet still keep the overall design balanced. But Lynn has more than risen the the challenge. Her choice to create "beaded beads" to play against the focals has really drawn the whole piece together.


Lynn Davy tassel Necklace  In this piece, Lynn has chosen another of my Lampwork beads to use as a focal point for her tassel necklace. I asked Lynn why lampwork beads would appeal to a seed bead artist - after all, it can seem an unlikely mix.

 "They are fabulous " She replied. " I love them and like to combine the larger beads with tiny seeds. It's such a buzz when I finally figure out which seeds will make the perfect match or the ideal contrast. It is a collaboration between myself and the bead artist, even though they are only present via their beads. "

 "We have some very talented lampworkers in the UK and they deserve our support"

 I couldn't agree more Lynn! You will be able to enjoy more of Lynn's work in future issues of Bead and other beading magazines. Look out for her upcoming kits too!




Nia Clement


Nia Clement's JewelleryNia Clement is a full-time jewellery designer, living and working in rural Wales.

Her business Gemwaith Nia (Nia's Jewellery) thrives among the many agricultural fairs and other cultural events throughout Wales.

Nia enjoys that immediate relationship she builds with her customers when selling. "I love the face-to-face contact that selling direct allows. It wins people over to the cause of craftsman-made beads, when I am able to explain to them about the artists who make the beautiful beads in the necklaces they are buying from me."

In this piece, Nia has combined some of my Lampwork beads with carefully chosen freshwater pearls and other beads to create a necklace full of interest. I particularly like how she has managed to unify such a varied mix of beads (from one of my lampwork Caboodle sets) by use of her well thought out asymmetrical design.

It can take a lot of fiddling around to make asymmetrical designs actually work. They are far from easy to get "right" and I think placing the clasp at the side rather than the back has added yet further interest. Absolutely stunning Nia!


Gemwaith Nia  In this second piece, Nia has created a more traditional 'Y' necklace. The entire design cleverly shifts the focus onto the lampwork glass beads (some of my Flamenco Tabs) .

 The softly-coloured chip beads around the top of the design are pale and subtle enough not to detract from the larger more forceful gemstones towards the bottom.

 This naturally leads your eye to focus on the lampwork, in the "Y" part of the necklace. But there are still enough other interesting shapes, colours and textures to keep everything fresh.

 I really like the considered design of this piece a lot. It reminds me of that saying - "Style never goes out of fashion"



Siobhan McGinley

polymer art bead bangle by siobhan mcginley 

When Siobhan showed me her bangle, inspired by Jean Yate's project from the Discover Beading book, I was naturally very impressed. Well who wouldn't be?

Siobhan has used my polymer clay art beads and teamed them with hollow tubing and other assorted beads and charms to make this stunner.

I was more impressed when I read she has only been making jewellery a few short weeks! So far she has created just 4 necklaces and 1 bangle - this one! Certainly a credit to Siobhan's obvious natural talent for this craft, although she modestly declares "The design credit really belongs to Jean".

Keep up the great work Siobhan, that is what I say!


Bangle by Siobhan 


  Another bangle by Siobhan. Can you believe she took the photo with her phone?

  Siobhan is shaping up to be not only a great jewellery-maker, but also scarily good at the product shots. If she can take photos like this with her phone, just imagine what they will be like when she gets her hands on a camera!







Krys Dobrzanski

Krys' Bracelet  

Krys was kind enough to email me this picture of her version of Jean Yates' bangle, this time using some of my lampwork glass beads,

 In this piece she has teamed the beads with hollow PVC Tubing available from the EJR Beads online store, as well as some of our Sterling silver findings.

I really like how Krys has married the nautical theme of the beads (they were called Atlantan Shipwreck beads!) with the silver fishy charms!

In the wonderful necklace below, Krys has teamed a whole slew of EJR Beads goodies with one of my Ceramic Clay Troikesque focal beads.


Troikesque Necklace by Krys    

 I just love how Krys has combined so many colours and textures into this necklace - she has even added her own mint green hand-felted charms.

 As well as the gorgeous Baltic Amber chip beads, Krys has used the Mali excavated beads and powder beads, available in the Trade Beads section at EJR Beads online.

 Would you drool even more if I told you there was a bracelet to match this too?

 Yup, I thought so.

 But no point us getting our hopes up - this delightful piece is going out to Oz as a pressie for Krys' daughter. To see more of Krys' work, find her on ebay, her id is kryspee0


Copper Charm Bracelet 


This gorgeous bracelet features a mixture of beads, such as my lampwork glass and polymer clay art beads.

Krys has also added some of her own felted beads which are particularly gorgeous. There is even a lone antique trade bead there too!

All the beads are teamed with copper beads and findings and hang from a copper chain. Wonderful!




In this lovely bangle, Krys has teamed some of my Lunaris lampwork beads with a host of well-chosen accents in glass, stone and felt.

I think in this bracelet, Krys has captured the unusual colours of the lampwork glass beads wonderfully well. It has created a very unusual palette of brick reds and sky blues which, whilst unusual, works extraordinarily well.

I particularly like how Krys has managed to make her felt beads be almost both shades of garnet red and sky blue simultaneously







Samantha Lane

microfine glitter beads


Sam has always been interested in the arts and crafts. She started using Fimo and other oven-bake clays over 20 years ago, but resumed her claying interest in earnest more recently.

"My husband bought me a few blocks of Fimo and some glitters from your online store" Sam told me. "This has to be the best present I have ever had. It has led to a really exciting few months experimenting making beads. I like Fimo because it is so versatile. There is no end to the amazing effects that you can create, especially with the Fimo effect clays.  There are so many different skills and techniques to master, which makes it challenging but you can also get some pretty impressive effects, even as a beginner!"

Sam may well have used simple techniques to make these wonderful beads, which were inspired by the colours and patterns of tropical fish. But the overall effect she has created with her meticulous execution and final design is anything but beginner if you ask me! Truly gorgeous!

polymer clay glitter beads



 For tips on how to use the Microfine Glitters with polymer clay, see my Glitter Bead Project in the Tutorials section.

Sam hopes to have a website up shortly, so do check back on her gallery entry as I will let you know just as soon as she is up online. Meanwhile if you wish to contact Sam, you can email her.





Jennifer Blunden


egyptian polymer clay pendantsRegular readers of my website might well remember Jennifer Blunden. A talented artist, Jennifer has sent me some of the beautiful cards she creates using her own drawings. I have shown them on my website before now, because talent such as hers really should be shared.

One card was so beautiful, my mum promptly stole it! Luckily Jennifer took pity and sent my mum a card too, so I could get my one back again.

I suppose then, it will come as no surprise to see that Jennifer has taken her love of drawing and her love of polymer clay and married the two together. These stunning Egyptian inspired pendants feature Jennifer's own drawings onto Fimo teamed with beads from the EJR Beads Papyrus collection. Simply amazing work. Jennifer doesn't currently have a website, but as soon as she does you can be sure I will update this page to include her links.





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