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EJR Beads Archive - Spring / Summer 2009

Spring and Summer 2009 shot by in a flash, didn't it! ...


Studio Update: Wednesday 30th September

Going once....going twice....


art nouveau lampwork beadsYes, it's auction time again, here EJR Beads.

I have a set of my lampwork beads up for auction this week - a set inspired by the Art Nouveau period, with lots of ethereal colours (thanks to the beauty of silver-rich glass) and metallic flowing lines. The auction is live until Monday 5th October - to bid or see more details about the beads, just click here.

This set is called "Belle Époque". Beautiful age, I guess, would be a close translation - as that point in history was sometimes known when later looked back upon. And I was thinking about it today -  it must really have been just that, a totally beautiful age. At least if you had a bob or two. I am sure if you didn't have two pennies to rub together, life wouldn't be all that beautiful.

But imagine a time before World War I or II were ever heard of. When the technological advances of the Victorian era and industrial revolution must have made it seem nothing were impossible. A new century had dawned and it must have felt like a brave new world.

We know now of course how quickly bubbles can burst. The Russian revolution and World War I were just around the corner and the world wouldn't really know lasting peace for decades to come (some might argue if at all). But for those few years at the turn of the last century, for some at least, it must have been a grand old time. Indeed a beautiful era.

I think these auction beads would probably have a similar outlook on life if they could think - to me, they seem happy little beads, gay and carefree wanting to dance the night away. They are a bit girly. They probably haven't got a great handle on politics. They just want to be pretty and be loved for being so....




Studio Update: Friday 18th September

Day off, innit.

Well, sort of.

I don't think its possible to have a true day off here. I am always busy doing something or other, not to mention there are always orders to pack. But lets just say some days I do take a bit of time for myself and today I intend to make one of those days.

And what am I going to do? Put myself back to bed and watch Angels and Demons again. Yes - its a PJ day at EJR Beads. Try saying that when you have had a few.

I tried to watch the film the other night but it was late and I was so tired, I just fell asleep. I know its not very good and I have seen it before and read the book. And I know that Dan Brown is in no danger of winning any prizes for literature anytime too soon. I found his books a marginally easier read than Spot Goes Fishing... BUT I love them none the less.

Secret societies, organised religious conspiracies, masons and Illuminati. Secret scrolls and codes to break. Large explosions, helicopters and chasing down clues in old churches etc?

That is soooooo my bag baby yeah. Must trot out this weekend and pick up his new book.



Studio Update: Monday 14th September

Stuff, lovely stuff.


hand dyed silk strings Lots of cool things keep coming through the doors at EJR Towers and I just don't have time to get them all up in the online store yet!

But over the next few days, keep your eyes peeled for more useful copper findings and sterling silver findings.

 The Flex-rite beading wire has been restocked in the Jewellery Making category and I also have a new sub-section there - for these lovely silk strings.

lampwork flamenco tabs by Emma Ralph 

I shall also be adding some mixes of the gorgeous Miyuki cube beads to the Seed Beads section - just because they are such gorgeous and versatile beads, as at home on stringing and wirework designs as they are on bead weaving.

Other useful things including Renaissance wax polish (great for protecting your brass stampings, copper wirework and so on). Useful bead cushions, all sorts of colourful choker necklaces for you to hang your focal beads from and much more.

Just as soon as I am able to get everything listed, I will.

Meanwhile some new items are already up and available to buy. My new lampwork beads went up this afternoon (don't forget my lampwork bead auction also ends tonight!)




Studio Update: Monday 7th September

Pugs and Auctions.... but not together.


pug dogs are so grumpy to look at! 

No, I am not auctioning the pugs I am afraid.

They are far too cute to part with. Although, sometimes Daisy-No! is so naughty that I think we are sorely tempted. Why do you think we are calling her Daisy-No! these days?

But some of you have been asking for updates and your wish is my command.

Many of you will remember that I refused to put the smaller, black pug Pepsi up on the website because he was just too ugly and such a little runt when we got him. I was afraid he would put you off buying your beads frankly. Many a family member thought I was cruel for this elitist censorship, but what can I say, business is business.


pug dogs or tug dogs? Well, he is still a complete Moog to look at as you can see. But credit where credit's due, he is coming along brilliantly. He is eating all his dinner up and almost catching Daisy-No! up weight-wise.

He does seem to be turning into quite a little poppet personality-wise too. He is still convinced that our older collie-cross, Trixie is him mum. He adores her. He worships the ground on which she walks. She, however, feels nothing for him. At best she will ignore him, at worst she will snarl at him. This has no effect, he just licks her teeth as she bares them.

The other day, he plucked a prize root from a big pile of mud in the garden. He ran straight over to Trixie, dropped it at her feet and then rolled on to his back submissively. Trixie just blanked him and walked away. As you can see from the photo, these roots are top currency to a pug dog. They will play with them all day. A root as fine as the one he gave Trixie was indeed a precious discovery.


lampwork beads auction 

 Still, persistence wears resistance and I think Trixie will come around eventually! At least I do hope so.

But I promised you more than pug dogs didn't I? I promised you an auction  as well and by Jove an auction is what you are going to get.

Yes - another EJR Beads auction  is in progress this week, running here on my website for the next 7 days.

This auction is for a set of lentils, with a crazy - no, beyond crazy, an utterly bonkers 99p starting price and no reserve.

Check out the auction page for details on how to place your bids! Oh, and in case you missed the link - here it is again - auction  auction  auction





Studio Update: Saturday 15th August

More lampies!


textured lampwork beads by emma ralph  It may seem, from the lack of updates, that I am not doing a great deal. All I can say is pah and tish to that because plenty is going on behind the scenes at EJR Beads, let me assure you.

I have a new auction running here on the website.

Also, I have added a  new set of lampwork glass beads to the online store - this set of textured tabs, all ready for the crisp autumn days ahead!

These textural tabs are worked in all my favourite colours. I just love how they came out. I love the itty spacer beads too (all worked from a single rod of R. Magic for any fellow lampworkers who were wondering.) There is something about oranges and greens together, in any shape or form really I think, that gets my pulse racing. What can I say, I am easily pleased maybe?

Oh, and I think there are still some of the ceramic beads  left too!




Studio Update: Sunday 9th August

Ok, who pressed FF on 2009 then?


flamenco nuggets from silver glass


Where is this year going? How are we at August already? How is that possible. Seemed only two minutes ago there was snow up to our knees and now Summer is almost over.

I have been snowed under metaphorically though, with plenty of work to catch up on. Hence why I have been so quiet here. But I do have a little news to share.

Firstly, a new lampwork bead auction is running on my site this week. Actually, we are half-way through the auction already (as those of you on my mailing list probably know already). The auction is for a gorgeous set of my Flamenco nuggets, worked with silver-rich glass. I just adore how these beads came out and hope you will to. The picture really does not do justic and capture all the lovely blue and cyan shades to the beads.


The auction is live until 7pm Wednesday 12th August (UK time). There is no reserve on this set, and no extra shipping to pay either! So don't forget to get your bids emailed to me in plenty of time.

ceramic beads by Emma Ralph 

If you prefer to just go shopping for your beads instead of bidding....well, keep an eye on the online store. I have a few new lampies to list over the next couple of days.

Some of the ceramic beads I listed the other day are still available too, including this lil' cutiepie!




Studio Update: Wednesday 15th July

Ok, it's still like this....


byzantine beads by Emma Ralph 

I have managed to put the puppies down for a few minutes this week and got some lampwork beads made.

This set was unusual for me - for the first time I made a limited edition design, with two identical sets up for sale.

One set has sold already, but at the time of writing the other is still available! To see the beads just visit the Emma's Lampwork section of the online store .

IMPORTANT NEWS: Due to postal strikes on Friday 17th July, no orders will ship out on that day or the following one. Please note that some delays to delivery times are likely for a couple of days before and after the industrial action and your patience is appreciated. Thank you!



Studio Update: Wednesday 8th July

Ok, it's like this....


Daisy the pug dog 

There is no two ways about it. It's like this you see. You get absolutely NO work done when there is a puppy in the house.

And when there are two puppies? Yup. Even less work.

We have two sweet little pugletts chez nous. Here is Daisy Dog, enjoying the garden.

Pepsi, the other pug puppy is a black pug. I don't have a photograph of him yet as he has been quite poorly. We have really just been focused on feeding him up and getting him well. But he is coming on in leaps and bounds, so watch this space!

The only problem is I am getting NOTHING done. Not even nothing. Less than nothing. But hey, can you blame me?



polymer clay pod pendant by Emma Ralph 

So now you know why it has taken me literally weeks to finish my latest batch of polymer clay beads.  But I managed to put the puppies down for five minutes and get it done. This pod pendant and a couple of other sets will be listed in the online store later on this evening.

Oh and in case you are interested - I have also set up an Etsy store. I haven't the foggiest what I am doing yet. TBH I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and was sick of feeling left out the Etsy party. Right now, my only plan to use the Etsy store to showcase bits and bobs to a different audience and learn the ropes.

So I may take items out of the EJR Beads online store from time to time and list them in Etsy. If you ever see anything in one place but would prefer to purchase from the other, just let me know.





Studio Update: Friday 3rd July

Dr Emma-stone I presume?


Did you think I had got lost in some deep distant rainforest? Well so did I - the weather here sure feels that way. I don't do heat well, I get even more hissy and snarly than usual.

Also, lost in an abyss technologically speaking. Our internet service has been dreadful for months now - recently we are losing internet regularly all day, every day from about 10 -11 am until the evening. Making me Sooooo mad and they just won't do a think about it. So if I have been slow to respond to emails, you know why!

Anyway, enough of my moans and groans. Just a quick note to let you all know that I am still here, and as soon as the weather is a little cooler there will be new art beads.

Meanwhile if you take a visit to the online store, you will find we have had a new Niobium and Titanium delivery in. More wire, more earwires, more jumprings. Oh its just more of everything really! Why not team your hypo-allergenic niobium findings with our range of colourful craft wires too?



Studio Update: Saturday 20th June

Reading Specs On!


art jewelry magazineGet your reading specs on girls.

The latest Art Jewelry and Polymer Cafe magazines are now in stock in the EJR Beads online store.

I could bore you with details on how good each issue is - because that would be so true. Especially the Art Jewelry mag, some fab projects in there this time around. But I seriously need to get some breakfast and the dog needs a walk and a hundred other things too. So I won't go on. Just check out the Magazines section of the store for more details on each.

Also - don't forget my auction ends on Monday - so still a couple of days to get your bids to me. Remember, if your bid reaches me even a minute after the auction end time, it won't count. So please get your bids to me sooner rather than later - you snooze, you lose!

Have a lovely weekend all....



Studio Update: Friday 19th June

Oh not again!


The post office workers are on strike in some parts of London today and in Scotland tomorrow. For that reason, I won't be despatching any orders today or tomorrow I am afraid.

This may seem a bit of an over-reaction but I can only say that I would rather be safe than sorry. I have no idea how big a  postal backlog these strikes could create but I am betting there will be one. I remember from the last strikes, Royal Mail certainly did NOT deal with the post in the order which it was received -  as they had promised. In fact the opposite was true. Their continued denial that there was a problem made sellers such as myself up and down the country look like liars and cheats. And yes - as you can tell I am still angry about that ;-)

So, for that reason I feel its better to allow a couple of days leeway. In any event, I think it quite possible that orders might take a little longer than usual to reach you. I can only apologize for that and ask you to be patient.

More details on the strikes and the Royal Mail's official response to any possible  repercussions can be found on their website. The pinch of salt that you will undoubtedly need can be found in your kitchen cupboard. Which, coincidently, is where I shall be hiding until its all over.



Studio Update: Monday 15th June

Another New Auction!


lampwork glass retro beads 

I have another new auction running here on the website this week. This auction is for a set of my Astrotomical tab beads. Is that even a word? I have no idea, it just seemed to suit them for some reason.

I really enjoyed making these beads, something about the colours and the funky retro design really transported me to another place, like the world of the Jetsons or something.

I think I fell in love with all those 50's designs as a kid, growing up eating endless Christmas dinners at my Great-Grandmother's house off wonderful plates by Conran or the fabulous Homemaker range by Enid Seeney. Remember those? Its funny how even half a century later, those designs still seem fresh and current.



If bidding isn't quite your style though, fear not. I should hopefully be listing some new lampwork glass beads in the online store later today. Internet allowing that is.

Our internet service has been up and down like a yo-yo lately and I am about ready to blow - its driving me so potty. But assuming all goes well and I don't end up running amok through town due to internet-withdrawal, you can expect to see more lampies later today.




Studio Update: Monday 8th June

New Auction!


lampwork beads for auction I have a new auction running here on the website this week. This auction is for a set of my Lovebug beads. These beads are worked in deep, rich shades of berry purples and browns - I think the beads are a tad richer in colour than my aging camera could capture actually. They also have a lovely blue/purple subtle iridescence to them courtesy of glorious silver-rich glass. What did we do before silver-rich glass came along?

The best news? The beads up are up for auction with a 99p start and NO reserve!

If you want to bid, just email me the highest amount you are prepared to go to and I will bid up to that amount on your behalf. The auction ends at 7pm British time on Sunday 14th June. All bids must be in GBP (British Pounds)

Overseas bidders are very welcome - and remember the final price of this auction will include free worldwide shipping. However, please bear in mind that I cannot do currency conversions for you! If you live outside the UK and wish to bid, please check with a currency converter site such as www.xe.com to get a ballpark figure on exchange rates. But do remember that will be just a ballpark. It is PayPal's own exchange rates on the day of payment that ultimately governs the conversion.



Studio Update: Thursday 28th May

Hot Copper!


What a busy week I have had here. I seem to have been rushing around like a you-know-what all week, but not getting a huge lot done.

For a start though, it was a Bank Holiday and then there was my birthday to celebrate on the Monday (thank you all so much for your kind wishes by the way. I was amazed and touched that so many of you on Facebook and the various beady forums remembered little ole me.)

faux heated copper look polymer clay However, I did manage one or two new and exciting things. For instance, the long-awaited second Ultrafine Glitter Collection is now available in the EJR Beads online store.

This kit is called "Hot Copper" and emulates the look of heat-treated copper on polymer clay or paper. The kit is so easy to use - I have put together all the best colours of Ultrafine Glitter to emulate heated metal. All you need to do is splodge them around a bit on a sheet of black polymer clay and you are ready to make amazing jewellery. For those of you who sell your jewellery, let me tell you - earrings made using these colours practically sell themselves!

The earrings in the photo use the Hot Copper kit in conjunction with our Base Metal Kit to create polymer clay laminate jewellery that is as light as a feather but still strong and versatile


Also, in the online store, you can find a couple of new shades of our Microfine Glitters too - Dark Rose and Lavender Ice. These colours are also available in great value wholesale bags.

lampwork glass beads by Emma Ralph 

And of course, if you prefer your beads to go clink rather than clunk, there is still some time left to bid on my lampwork bead auction! This set of slight seconds is up for auction ending tomorrow evening. Please visit the auction page to see a larger photo and details on how to bid.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the beads, just email me the highest price you are prepared to go to and I will do the rest and bid on your behalf against any other bids on my book.




Studio Update: Friday 22nd May

Honk if you think I'm Beady!



do greylag geese wear beads?

 We had another lovely day out today at Claremont, a National Trust garden. I say another day out because we also went there a couple of weeks ago.

Claremont is a large estate garden with a big lake at the centre. At this time of year it is filled with all manner of baby birds (which of course is my main reason to go). These photos are actually from a fortnight ago, since the lighting was better then. But the goslings were just as cute today let me tell you and a lot bigger!

The National Trust supply free bags of bird seed to feed all the wild birds there, consequently they are all very tame.  All in all, a lovely way to spend a morning.

This is a couple of nice Greylag geese we met (at least I think they are greylags, not pinkies. I am not too good on my gooses...)


baby canada geese 

 But the real stars of the show, of course, were the babies.

Here are a couple of gorgeous baby Canada Geese. These guys were in a brood of 9 goslings. I have no idea if the parents actually parented all of them or just stole someone else's kids to add to their own. There seemed to be a heck of a lot of baby geese with these particular parents anyway and not that many with any other goose. So I am wondering.... ;-)

They seemed to be doing a fine job of raising the babies though. All were plump little things with ferocious appetites. They were already trying to be like their dad too, putting their little heads down low and hissing at any other birds coming by. Bless.

Mr Man forbade me to put one in my rucksack and bring it home. I would have though given half the chance.



  All too soon back to work though. And to my computer to list this week's auction beads.

This week's auction is for a set of beads I absolutely adore. Although, technically I think it only fair to call them Slight Seconds since the bead holes are a little flared on one or two of them.

Either way, you guys get to decide if that is a problem or not since they are up for auction with a 99p start and no reserve. So just visit the auction page to see a larger photo and details on how to bid.

lampwork glass beads for sale in the UK 

I did also list a few sets of lampies in the online store last night. A couple have now gone, but this set is still up for grabs. My funky Nemo beads in shades of salmon pink and purples.

They are etched too, for a matte finish. I forgot to add that to the item description. Better go do that in a mo.

You can find them in the EJR Beads online store in the lampwork glass beads section.




Studio Update: Monday 18th May

Read up!

making jewellery magazine issue 3 by mail order


Lots of new magazines keep arriving at EJR Towers and I never quite seem to get it together enough to update this page and let you know.

So I will try to get better at that.

We have the latest issues in stock for the new-look Beads and Beyond magazine CRAFTS, Step-by-Step Beads to name but a few. Also in this week, the latest issues of Making Jewellery and Bead.

Making Jewellery (current issue is issue 3) is a newly-published UK magazine that tries to bridge the gap between a jewellery magazine and fashion glossy. It contains articles and profiles of interest mainly to those who like to fabricate their own jewellery. So lots of lampwork glass projects, art clay silver projects and so on. Even how to make your own beautiful ceramic earrings are covered in the latest issue.

bead magazine issue 16 by mail order from EJR Beads 

Bead magazine, (also a UK publication) tends to aim more towards seed-bead work.

Although it does also contain a lot of other general interest jewellery projects - chain maille, wirework and so on. There is also even a basic lampwork bead making project in this current issue (issue 16)

You can find all the different titles, including many back issues, for sale in the EJR Beads online store, in the Magazines section


Do also keep an eye on the online store over the next few days, and indeed this website. I should be adding some new lampwork beads for sale shortly and running a new auction too!



Studio Update: Sunday 17th May

Dichro Crazy!


I have added another glitter kit to the online store this week.

This time a Microfine Glitter kit called "Faux Dichro".  You can find it in the "Glitters & Perfect Pearls" area of the shop.

faux dichroic look polymer clay beads  As you can probably guess, this kit allows you to imitate the gorgeous sparkles of dichroic glass on polymer clay (and of course, paper crafts) using beautiful holographic Microfine Glitters.

These glitters have a very fine particle size, but are just large enough to give sparkle rather than shimmer to your projects. The colours work beautifully over black polymer clay to recreate the look of dichroic glass. Or use them in liquid clays such as Fimo Gel to emulate opals and more. You can also mix them into or use underneath translucent clay or suitable varnishes.

The glitters are tested compatible with polymer clay and related products and will withstand the baking process.

The kits contain a generous 10 grams each of six different fantastic colours, which can all be blended together to create countless more shades. The kits come beautifully packaged in a gift pouch with my tips sheet for ideas on how to use them. So they also make the perfect crafty gift for anyone into polymer clay or papercrafts.



Studio Update: Wednesday 13th May

Deco Crazy!


holeless tiny glass deco accent beadsWell I am slowly getting the new glitter stocks listed in the online store. Yey!

So far, I have managed to photograph and list my new range of Deco Beads. You can find these in their own little category in the "Glitters & Perfect Pearls" area of the shop.

These Deco beads are wonderful - little tiny hole-less glass beads you can use in just the same way as glitter. So sprinkle them over glue or double-sided sticky tape in papercraft projects, or roll them into unbaked polymer clay for cool effects.

Unlike some deco beads on the market, our range are tested compatible for use with polymer clay and can withstand the baking temperatures involved. The clear beads work well under Perfect Pearls powders for unusual effects. Used alone rolled into different polymer clay colours, they can create beads that exhibit a cat's-eye quality in low light conditions, reflecting the light back beautifully.

The Deco Beads all come in super-value 20 gram bags. They are currently available in three colourways and in two different sizes.

Do keep an eye on the glitter section of the store also for some new Microfine and Ultrafine glitter kits.



Studio Update: Friday 8th May

Hello again!


Hello everyone. I am shockingly bad at keeping this page updated lately aren't I? No excuses I am afraid, I have just been so busy here.

Aside from my art beads keeping me occupied  (and I have been having a lot of fun playing with the ceramic clay again lately), there has also been lots of new stock needing my attention. I haven't even started on the new glitter stock that arrived yesterday, but trust me there are some drool-inducing new colours,  both of the Microfine and Ultrafine glitters and a new range of holeless deco beads. All of those should be making their way to the EJR Beads online store shortly.

flexrite 49 strand beading wire You will find some other new bits and pieces already up in the store though. Firstly a range of fantastic quality bead-stringing wire - Flex-rite 49 has been added to the Jewellery Making section.

This premium quality tigertail type beading wire from Beadsmith is designed for ultimate flexibility, drape and kink resistance. There are a range of diameters available and two colours - Clear and Copper although I hope to increase the range further still.

This wire ideally needs to be finished with crimps (although thinner diameters are knottable). So, in the Copper Findings and the Sterling Silver findings sections of the store, you will see I have added a slew of crimp tubes, crimp covers and Wire protectors.



Studio Update: Wednesday 29th April

Here I am!


Wow, where IS the time disappearing to at the moment? It seemed like an age since I last updated this page. When I came to check, I found it was an age!

So sorry about that. I really will try to keep you more up to date with the latest news from the EJR Beads online store.

lampwork glass beads for auction in the UK


The first thing to mention is I have a new auction up and running here on this website. This auction is for a set of my Lovebug beads. I just cannot make up my mind about the colours on these beads, was not sure if I liked them or not. So I decided the best thing to do was to place it in your hands.

The beads up are up for auction with a 99p start and NO reserve.

If you want to bid, just email me the highest amount you are prepared to go to and I will bid up to that on your behalf. The auction ends at 7pm British time next Wednesday (6th May). All bids must be in GBP (British Pounds).

Overseas bidders are very welcome - and remember the final price of this auction will include free worldwide shipping. However, please bear in mind that I cannot do currency conversions for you! If you live outside the UK and wish to bid, please check with a currency converter site such as www.xe.com to get a ballpark on exchange rates. But do remember that will be just a ballpark. It is Paypal's own exchange rates on the day of payment that ultimately governs the conversion.

handmade ceramic clay earrings 

I shall also be adding some other bits and bobs to the EJR Beads online store over the next few days.

Firstly I have a lot of lampwork glass beads to list! Also, some ceramic charms, ceramic buttons and ceramic jewellery. In fact, some of the charms and jewellery have already been added - but there is more to come!

So please do keep an eye on the online store to see what turns up.




Studio Update: Wednesday 15th April

It's here!

Making Jewellery Magazine - available by mail order from EJR Beads 

 The next issue of Making Jewellery magazine is here already and up for sale in the EJR Beads online store.

It only seems a moment ago we were oohing and ahing over the last issue and here is a brand spanking new one for us to gush about. And gush I will. There is a nice mix of projects in this issue if you like to fabricate your own beads and jewellery. There are metal clay projects, silversmithing projects, chainmaille projects, wirework - you name it!

In fairness, there is not a great deal in Making Jewellery if you enjoy stringing or beadwork. Titles such as Stringing and Step-by-Step Beads will probably be more up your alley for those sorts of things. But if you enjoy looking at fashion trends and mucking about with metal clay and the like, then I think Making Jewellery will so be your bag baby yeah.




Studio Update: Sunday 12th April

Happy Easter!


lampwork glass beads - available at EJR Beads

 Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates today. I hope you are all having a nice holiday weekend.

I have spent the weekend simply trying to catch up on a few things - seemed like I had 101 different projects on the go that all needed my attention. Not least of all photographing and listing this week's new Lampwork glass beads in the EJR Beads online store.

If you like blues and purples, this week's bead sets will be so up your alley. I have another set of my silver-rich glass rocks up for grabs. This time a set all in the lovely blue/turquoise/purple colours. I haven't dared show my mum this set in case she tries to steal them. I know what she is like.

Also, a couple of other sets are available too. As always, all the beads are sold on a first come, first served basis. So, whoever's completed order comes through first will get the beads.

coloured craft wire at EJR Beads


 Also new in the online store this week - I have added a section to the "Fimo Clay / Crafts" category for a range of colourful craft wire.

 This lacquered copper craft wire, is available in a range of colours. At the moment, I just have the one gauge - 0.7mm in a range of colours. This diameter is what I prefer when creating different embellishments and dangles for clay or jewellery projects. However, if people want I can get some other sizes in too.



Studio Update: Thursday 9th April

Read all about it!


beads and beyond magazine


The latest issue of Beads and Beyond magazine arrived at EJR Towers this week. The magazine has had a revamp both inside and out, and I think the facelift suits it.

The magazine does seem a lot more focused now - lots of projects and design ideas aimed squarely at those who enjoy stringing, wirework and maille projects as well as some lampworking and metal clay. And far less of the beaded bikini style projects!

So certainly time to look at this magazine with fresh eyes I think. Find it, and other great beading titles, in the Magazines section of the online store.


lampwork auction beads 

Also, don't forget my lampwork bead auction ends tomorrow evening!

 There is still plenty of time to get your bids in, but I urge you to do it sooner rather than later to avoid accidently missing the cut-off. It is amazing how many bids came into me AFTER the end of the last auction.

If your bid does not reach me before the auction end time, it will not be counted.



Lastly - I thought you might enjoy a few hints at what I have been working on this week. Quite a diverse line of products will be making their way to the EJR Beads Online store over the next few days / weeks - including, lots of Ceramic Buttons, more lampwork glass beads, some great new copper-finish beads, new Ultrafine Glitter collections and much more.

They are not all there quite yet, but they will be soon. So, I know it's a cliché, but you really should watch this space!





Studio Update: Thursday 2nd April

Lampies at Last!

carnival lampwork glass beads 

 Yes, I have some new lampwork beads made at last. But not many I am afraid so this set has been sent to Auction. Can you spot them hiding there in the pear tree?

They will be auctioned off here on the website over the next week. For more details on the auction, how to bid and see more photos of the beads, please click here

This is another set of beads from my new Byzantine series - lots of rich fruity colours with a subtle rainbow of reflected iridescence here and there. They sort of remind me of Victorian carnival glass - hence the set's name. They were impossible to photograph though, even in bright sunlight I couldn't capture all the colours they reflect.

ornament magazine available in the uk by mail order 


Also new in the online store - the latest issue of Ornament Magazine.

This issue really is crammed full of quality articles and artist profiles. There is everything here from reviews of ancient jewellery exhibitions and ancient beads to profiles on big-name artists like Polymer Clay maestro Elise Winters and lampworker Beau Anderson and much more.

To see Ornament and many other great beading and craft magazines, just visit the Magazines section of the EJR Beads Online Store.




Studio Update: Saturday 21st March

Long Time, No Speak!


perfect pearls at ejr beads 

 Well, it seems like ages since I updated this page. Sorry about that - it has just been SO busy around here.

There are so many cool new things at EJR Beads lately, I don't even know where to start. Maybe just with the shiniest things first I think? I know you are all a bunch of magpies at heart ;-)

Polymer Clay fans will be thrilled with the new range of Perfect Pearls available in the online store. These loose pearlescent pigment powders are a bit like Pearl-Ex powders. The only difference is they have a built-in resin that helps them adhere to the polymer clay in the baking process so you don't have to seal them with varnish afterwards to stop them rubbing off. Of course if you want to varnish you can - it will make them even more robust and make the colours pop even more. But the point is, you don't have to - which is handy for some types of projects.

The Perfect Pearls are available individually in 24 different colours, including Interference shades, rich metallics, duo colours and more. You can also buy themed kits, containing 4 different Perfect Pearls, some excellent brushes and a stamp pad of their Perfect Medium in case you want to stamp with the Pearls over paper or baked clay.

You can find the new Perfect Pearls over in the online store alongside our Microfine and Ultrafine Glitters.



making jewellery magazine Other exciting news is the launch of a new UK-published beady magazine called Making Jewellery.

This magazine is beautifully produced. It has a unique approach, where it has blended beads and jewellery making with a strong emphasis on fashion and trends. Rather like a mixture of a Bead magazine and Fashion glossy all in one.

The projects range from metal clay and lampworking projects through to stringing, beadwork and chainmaille, with a nice mix of beginner and more advanced techniques.

The launch issue also comes complete with a 12 project supplement of different metal working and metal clay projects. The mag is well worth the cover price alone just for that supplement I think.

You can find Making Jewellery along with many other titles in the Magazines section of the online store.





Studio Update: Thursday 5th March

Your King-Fu is weak, Birdman. I will peck-fu you.

green woodpecker


I am soooo bored of Winter now. Really, truly bored of it. Each time I think it is finally buggering off and Spring is on it's way, another cold snap comes along to prove me wrong. Bah! This is like what winters were like when I was a kid. I thought global warming had made those sorts of winters a thing of the past.

One good thing about winter is that it is usually quite fun (if cold) for birding. I managed to break away from my desk the other day and nipped out for a spell of chasing my feathered friends around the woods.

As it happens, apart from a rather fun mixed flock of siskin and redpoll, I didn't get to see a great deal. There were however a team of volunteers about catching and ringing birdies. They were collecting important data for something or other. I arrived just as they had bagged themselves this gorgeous lady Green Woodpecker. Isn't she adorable.

She weighed 197 grams in case you care! Green woodpeckers always remind me of stuffed olives.

But all good things come to an end, even day trips out to see strange men putting little birds into cotton bags..... and there was work to be done.....


copper plated beads and findings  So, what work?

Listing the new stock of course. I had a shipment arrive of some gorgeous new copper-plated metal beads and findings.

These beads and findings are just gorgeous. They are made in Western Europe to the highest quality - so you can be sure they are ethically made and meet all the relevant EC regulations.

All the beads and findings are available in both a bright and an antique copper finish. This will team very well with your other copper beads and findings.

See the new items in the Copper & Plated Beads and the Copper & Plated Findings sections of the online store. There are useful things like earwires and jumprings and more fun items like these large focal toggle clasps.