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Emma's Lampwork Lotto!


I know many of you want to buy my lampwork glass beads but find them sold out before you can make a purchase. So, recently I have tried to make things a little easier.


Firstly I have taken to listing the odd set at ebay.co.uk from time to time. (Click here to check out my latest auctions or search under my seller name ejralph)


lampwork glass beads by Emma Ralph

I have also come up with a fun new idea - Emma's Lampwork Lotto!

The Lampwork Lotto is basically a waiting list to purchase a set of my beads. If you join, every now and then you will be offered first refusal on a set of my lampwork beads BEFORE they are offered for sale in the online store.

But this is a waiting list with an element of surprise, because what you will be offered is very random! Quite literally, the luck of the draw.. It works like this.



1. I will make one set of beads each week specifically for my Lampwork Lotto list.

2. This set will be offered to whoever is top of the list that week.

If it is your turn at the top, you will be offered that set on a "First refusal"  basis. This means if you want the beads, they will be placed in the online store's On Hold section, reserved in your name. You can then go ahead that week and buy them online at your leisure - and because they are reserved for you, no-one else can nab 'em!

If you don't want that particular set, there really is no obligation. That set will then be offered to the next person on the list. However, please understand that there are no negotiations with the lotto beads! If you don't like the beads you are offered I am afraid there will be no alternative sets to choose from.

3. Once you have been offered a set - whether you accept them or not - you have had your "turn" and your name goes to the bottom of the list.

4. Eventually your name will reach the top of the list again (depending on how many subscribers we get - that could be in a few weeks or a few months!) and you will be offered another set. This carries on until we all lose the will to live or you ask to be removed from the Lotto. Whichever comes first really ;-)



lampwork glass beads So, as you can see it really is a lampwork lottery! You might like the beads you get offered, you might hate them! It will be run strictly according to the rules above.

Still I thought it would be a fun idea to try out. After all, you have nothing to lose as there is never any obligation. And if you keep missing out on the new beads, this might just be a fun way to get yourself a set every now and then!



To join the Lampwork Lotto list you must email me,  putting "Lampwork Lotto!" in the subject line of your email. In the body of your email please also include your FULL name and confirm your contact email address.


Please note the Lotto is only open to registered account holders at EJR Beads. (Setting up an account simply entails registering your shipping and contact details for ordering purposes, it also allows you to sign up for my email newsletters!)

To read more about ordering from the EJR Beads online shop please click here. To set up your account at EJR Beads, visit the Log In page, found at the top of the online store's homepage.