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EJR Beads Customers' Gallery - page two


Continuing on with more goodies made by my friends and customers.


Claire Ennis

lampwork bead jewellery

Claire started making jewellery about 3 or 4 years ago, looking for a hobby for the evenings when the kids were in bed. Little did she know then, it would turn into a business with her specialising in bridal and day-to-day jewellery

Here Claire has used some of my lampwork glass beads with silver to create a stunning bracelet. "I am drawn to handmade lampwork beads because they are mini pieces of art" Claire explains. "I find them mesmerising and very tactile, so much more desirable than mass-produced glass beads."

I couldn't agree more Claire! You can see more of Claire's work on her website, clairescrystalclassics.co.uk


Vim Christopher


copper rocks by vim christopher 

Vim first started making jewellery in 2007.

"I have always been into a variety of arts and craft since my childhood. But as real work demands began to diminish what free time I had available, I had to be more selective and find alternatives. When the idea of making jewellery using wire combined with my life-long love affair with sparkly things - a eureka moment occurred, hence my present addiction for lampwork beads !"

As you can see, Vim's choice to focus on jewellery making certainly was the right one! Here she has combined some of my lampwork beads with copper wire and other assorted accent beads to create Copper Rocks - a stunning necklace (beautifully modelled by Vim's sister!)

I just love how Vim has highlighted the pattern of the beads with her hand-worked wire components.


lampwork beads by emma ralph  Vim tells me that she has now made so much jewellery, her friends tease her that she could stock an entire shop.

"Beads of both impeccable and humble origins fascinate me, there are dozens and dozens of variations to whet your imagination for creativity. I find handcrafted art beads and antique beads  the most wonderful inspiration (insert EJR artisan beads!) for immensely satisfying results.

I'd like to think that people looking at my work will derive as much pleasure as I have had making them. "

To read more about Vim and her work, why not check out her blog!



Hilary Castle


hilary castle necklace  Hilary has been making jewellery since taking her HNC and degree in Design Crafts, specialising in textiles and jewellery.

"I have always been fascinated by jewellery and have trained in silversmithing, enamelling  and bead craft. At first I particularly liked to use natural stones. I continue to be very interested in their healing qualities and enjoy tailoring the stones to suit the needs of the wearer"

In time Hilary discovered lampwork glass beads and was, in her words, "hooked".

"I have always loved colour. When studying textiles I would love to layer different colours together, be it in felt or in netting or translucent materials. So it is not surprising that I am drawn to the translucency and colour of lampwork beads. "

I think this necklace using my lampwork beads shows off Hilary's love of mixing translucents together perfectly.

lampwork bead earrings 


Although she doesn't currently sell her work, Hilary would like to in the future "although there are certain items and lampwork beads (your pebbles for instance) that I could not sell!"

For now, Hilary enjoys jewellery making as it provides a fantastic creative outlet, allowing her to bring colours together to create an effective and satisfying piece of jewellery.




Mary & Emma Paulus


lampwork ice beads

Mary & Emma are mother and daughter. They both share a passion for jewellery making, especially using lampwork beads. Here you can see Mary's simple yet elegant use of some of my lampwork Ice beads.

" I donít remember a time when I havenít crafted" says Mary. " I did a summer school in silver work at the local university seven years ago and loved it. My jewellery making is just for fun, I love trying different beads, colours and threads and will often undo a necklace or bracelet when I get bored with it or when I get rid of an outfit it was made for."

I love how Mary has kept this design simple, the silver tubes really set the beads off perfectly.


lampwork leaf beadsEmma started making jewellery as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award two years ago, learning some of the simple beading stitches from her mum Mary. "From then on I have just experimented with different things from stringing to using various stitches and so on. Last Christmas I decided to try Polymer clay too and it just all took off from there. I have been claying for just over a year now and I love it - it is what I do most of at the moment, with the help of your wonderful book! I have become official jewellery supplier to the teachers at school and all my friends now have something or other handmade by me!"

Emma recently won these lampwork beads from one of my website giveaways. I think you will agree she has emphasised the colours beautifully with her choice of accent beads.



Emma Green


memory wire bracelet featuring illuminare beads
  This lovely bracelet was made by British artist, Emma Green using some of my polymer art beads and based on a design recently published by Jean Yates. Doesn't this just go to show how cool it can be when 3 artists come together in a collaboration like that? Emma is a talented beadmaker in her own right, so I feel honoured she chose to work with my beads in this bracelet. You can see more of Emma's work on her website


charm bracelet with lampwork glass, vintage plastic and glass beads and buttons 



This beautiful bracelet was also made by Emma. She used a variety of vintage beads and buttons from EJR Beads and teamed them with the Ugly Beads she won in my recent competition.

I think you will agree - Emma made those ugly lampwork beads (commonly referred to as the "ear wax beads") look absolutely stunning. What a complete transformation - Emma you really worked some magic on those beads!




Karen Wilkinson


Lampwork Heart Earrings by Karen Wilkinson  

  Karen has worked magic with this pair of my Vintagesque lampwork glass beads. I would never have thought of teaming them with the semi-precious heart beads as she has done here, but it works so well. This is why I love this gallery page. I get to see so many cool things done with my beads! I also like how she has used our hypo-allergenic Niobium earring findings too. Not only comfy to wear but oh so pretty!

Amethyst Ice - Necklace by Karen Wilkinson  


In this gorgeous necklace, Karen has used some of my Ice lampwork beads. She has teamed the beads with delicate semi-precious beads and one of our EJR Beads Sterling Silver toggle clasps.

Isn't that a beautiful necklace? So elegant and feminine.


Karen sells her beautiful designs from her website, Trinity Jewellery




  Here Karen has made a necklace and earrings set using some ivory and pewter-coloured beads from my Nemo series.

  Karen has teamed the beads with Freshwater Stick Pearls and crystal beads.



Lampwork Bead Earrings by Karen Wilkinson  

In this pair of earrings, Karen has worked some of my lampwork Nemo beads with sterling silver paddle beads.

She has made the earrings using our Niobium headpins and earwires. This is a great choice, because not only does the pink colour of the metal work so well with the beads she has used, it is also hypo-allergenic.



Poppy Seed Necklace by Karen Wilkinson   And what about this then!

  I designed the poppy-seed lampwork beads Karen has used in this necklace with the bright blue coloured spots only visible on one side of the bead.

  Karen has used this feature to her advantage perfectly with her well-chosen design, making the side view of the beads into the focal point of the retro acrylic flowers. I just love this!






Maria Jo„o Rebelo


This lovely necklace was designed by Maria Jo„o Rebelo from Portugal. As an architect with her own business, Maria leads an incredibly busy life and likes to make jewellery in her spare time for relaxation.

In this necklace, Maria Jo„o has used some of my lustred lampwork glass beads and mixed them with copper coloured glass beads. She has also used some of the EJR Beads Copper metal beads and findings too - what a great combination!


necklace of sterling silver and lampwork glass beads




  Here MJ has used sterling silver and glass beads along with my Lampwork glass Ice beads. I love what she has done with this necklace, it has a delicate springlike feel to it.



close up of sterling silver and lampwork glass bead necklace




Here is a close-up of Maria's necklace. Isn't that just gorgeous?


Pandora's Pendants by Maria Joao  Maria Joao recently sent me some photos of some new pendants she made.

  They were made using beads from my Pandora's Tins. (In case you don't remember, my Pandora's Tins are boxes of lone orphan or prototype beads that I sell occasionally. A great way to snap up a nice mix of beads!)

Pandora's Pendants by Maria Joao 


I was so impressed by these pendants, they really appeal to me. I love how Maria Joao took what was such a random mix of beads (at least to *my* mind, they were random) - and put them together in such a way that have become really cohesive and unified. Doesn't this make you want to see the buildings she designs? Or is that just me being nosy?




Tracy Blease


Bracelet by Tracy Blease Tracy worked some of my lampwork glass beads together with her polymer beads to make this stunning bracelet. Don't the colours just pop! She has finished the bracelet off beautifully with an EJR Beads sterling silver clasp.

 Tracy lives and works in Scotland. An accomplished artist and trained jewellery designer, she sells her beautiful designs through art and craft galleries and will also be doing some craft fairs this year too. You can also see her designs on ebay, where she sells under the name artycart.

You can read more about Tracy and her work on the Scottish Arts Council website, by clicking here





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