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EJR Beads Customers' Gallery - page three


Continuing on with more goodies made by my friends and customers. Including some polymer clay projects too!


Karen Tan

Amphora Necklace by Karen Tan


 Karen has thrown herself into many jewellery-making mediums, exploring the delights of polymer clay and precious metal clays too, among her other artistic pursuits - a lady after my own heart!

This Amphora necklace uses some of my lampwork Nemo beads and sterling silver urchin beads, which Karen has supported with a host of other delightful beads (including a lovely focal Amphora by Delores Highsmith).

Why not pay a visit to Karen's website by clicking here, where you can see more of her work.




Lois Townsley


Lampwork Necklace by Lois Townsley   Like many of you, Lois enjoys making jewellery purely for relaxation. She works her magic, creating divine pieces like this gorgeous set as gifts for family and friends.

  Lois rather modestly declines to call herself a designer. "I am a disciple of KISS" she told me.

  I agree on the one hand - Keep It Simple Stupid is probably the best design principle there is. But I have to disagree with Lois' denial that she is a designer. Because I think she managed to set my lampwork beads off beautifully.

  The beads are quite "busy" themselves in design, so Lois' simple but elegant threading has worked really well. It supports the focal beads without over-shadowing them.

  Sorry Lois, I think you are more of a designer than you think! And a darn fine one if you ask me!




Hilary Swaby


Hilary started making beaded jewellery a couple of years ago, following on from her interest in making silver jewellery. Whilst beading is a relatively recent string to Hilary's bow, she is no stranger to creativity as she used to write knitting patterns!

Here Hilary has used some of my lampwork glass beads and sterling silver beads to make some fantastic earrings with a truly vintage feel.

Right now, jewellery making remains a relaxing hobby for Hilary, so her focus is on making the type of jewellery that she herself would want to wear. This is something we who sell sometimes lose touch with I think. Which is wrong - as it is important to work from the heart isn't it?

I asked Hilary - why lampwork?  "I enjoy the variety of shapes and colours of lampwork beads, it makes them unique."

Absolutely! I couldn't agree more!


Carrie Chagri

ultrafine glitter and polymer clay beads  Carrie got into jewellery making in her teens, but it fell by the wayside a little until a year or so ago, when she rediscovered the joy of it through polymer clay and art clay silver work.

Carrie followed the instructions for the Croissant bead tutorial using the EJR Beads Ultrafine Glitters to make her versions of my roll-up Croissant beads. I think you will agree, she did just brilliantly!

See more of Carrie's work at her website, Burytreasure



polymer clay beads using EJR Beads glitters Carrie is currently enjoying exploring many different areas of jewellery making, including restoring and up-cycling old pieces on commission.

Carrie lives in the West Sussex village of Bury and has two young children, who she tells me love to help her with her work!




Rachel Margetts


Rachel Margetts Personal Journeys BoxRachel Margett's work reminds us that jewellery-making is not the only way to use beautiful beads.

Rachel creates her stunning Personal Journey boxes using beads, found objects and a variety of images and photographs. Here is one of her stunning boxes featuring some beads she picked up in the EJR Beads online store. I am sure you will agree, a beautiful way to show off pretty beads.

Rachel's boxes are all unique and each box has its own personal meaning " I call them Personal Journey Boxes as they reflect part of my own personal journey in finding an outlet for creativity" says Rachel "But also because I like to personalise them for other people using their own photos and maybe quotes or lyrics which are special to them. The possibilities seem endless and are keeping me awake at night presently!"


To see more of Rachel's work, or commission your own Personal Journey box from her, visit her website or email her. I think these would make just wonderful gifts for loved ones, especially brides-to-be or anniversary gifts to store away treasured mementos.



Elise Canning


elise canning polymer clay flowers


Elise Canning uses polymer clay to sculpt her delightful flower beads.

Here she has created some fantastic roses using the "Anodized" Ultrafine Glitter Collection, first working on black clay and then using these amazingly fine glitter powders on a base of pale pastel polymer clay colours.

As you can see, the detail Elise puts into her work is amazing. You can view (and purchase) more of Elise's flowers here at her website.



polymer clay rose beadsElise comes from a crafty background, having always been interested in beads and buttons. Amazingly though, she only started working with polymer clay 3 years ago when her husband bought her some clay and a pasta machine as a Mother's day gift.

In the future, Elise hopes to branch out into alternative mediums, using metal clays such as Art Clay Silver for her wonderful flowers.

"I have bought the Starter Kit" Elise told me "and when my courage is stronger and the children aren't around I will be trying it out to make my flowers"

With a talent like Elise's, I don't think she will need too much courage, do you? I reckon using Art Clay will come to her just as naturally as her polymer clay skills obviously did!



Amanda Taylor


Angel baby by Amanda Taylor  This amazing baby was sculpted in polymer clay by Amanda Taylor.

 Amanda specialises in sculpting her Angel Baby remembrance dolls for mothers and fathers who have lost their precious babies. This is very much an act of ministry for Amanda and her work touches the hearts of all those parents she helps. Visit Amanda's website here to learn more about her work.






Polymer Pens by Elizabeth FreemanElizabeth Freeman


These great pens were made by Elizabeth Freeman following the Translucent Layered Pens project in my first book, Polymer Clay in a Day.

I just love the purple shades Elizabeth has used for this project.



Muriel Veldt


Easy Transfer Holographic Foils Pendant by Muriel Veldt



  A gorgeous shimmering pendant made by Muriel Veldt using the EJR Beads Easy-Transfer Holographic Foils and UTEE embossing enamel.

Easy Transfer Holographic Foils bracelet by Muriel Veldt




Another piece by Muriel. This wonderful bracelet also uses the Easy Transfer Holographic foils - this time to make beautiful tile beads.





Wooden Printing Blocks Mixed media project by Muriel Veldt


 This contemporary mixed media piece, by Muriel, uses paper and polymer clay. Muriel has used the EJR Beads Wooden Printing blocks to impress a pattern into mica-based metallic polymer clay. The clay is then cut flush, baked and sanded. This mica-shifting technique has aligned all the shimmering particles to leave a "ghost" of the image impressed into the clay. It is hard to believe it, but those clay pieces are totally flat! Great for card making and other paper arts



Wooden printing blocks mixed media project by Muriel Veldt




 Here is a close-up of another one of Muriel's Paper and Polymer pieces. Isn't that mica-shift just stunning! Well done Muriel, they are just gorgeous!




Jackie Sieben


Jackie Sieben makes the candy dish project from Polymer Clay in a Day


 This lovely Candy Dish was made by Jackie Sieben following the Lattice Bowl project in my book "Polymer Clay in a Day". Jackie hosts regular online chats at PCC.  You can see more work by Jackie and her friends by clicking here.







bracelet made from polymer clay and sterling silver

Anna Hickling


 Anna Hickling created this gorgeous bracelet, inspired by my Herald Illuminare bracelet (which is now part of Anna's collection!). I love how Anna has adapted the ideas from my bracelet and expanded upon them to make her own unique piece of jewellery.


charm bracelet with polymer clay charms and glass beads





Here is another of Anna's bracelets. This time a fabulous Charm bracelet with a variety of polymer clay charms. Do I spot some charms that have been textured with the EJR Beads Wooden Printing Blocks???